Update: OFO Lost My Loyalty With Reasons

Skylanes, Really?

Skylanes 😉!

Seatguru, shows up that Skylanes has some Boeing 777-300ER(77W). Their IATA code is "86", Their Website is, which redirect to a-ha - Take On Me on YouTube 😉!
Skylanes Ex Cathay Pacific 777-300ER(77W)
Skylanes B777-300ER is in 4 Class configuration, features Cathay Pacific products, I think I will be excited to fly them if they had a PROPER WEBSITE that works!
Premium Economy and Economy
Skylanes B777-300ER(77W) has Nine seat per row in Economy, Which is better than Emirates, Swiss, China Eastern etc which they are have 10 seat in Economy

Bottom Line

How to book a ticket on Skylanes? Their website is on YouTube😉!