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Review: Shenzhen Airlines First Class 737 Guangzhou-Wuxi


Our flight was scheduled to be departed at 2:35 PM in Guangzhou, this flight is codeshared with Kunming Airlines and Air China.
Shenzhen Airlines 9823
Guangzhou(CAN) – Wuxi(WUX)
Saturday, July 1
Depart: 2:35 PM
Arrive: 5:35 AM
Duration: 2hr35min
Aircraft: Boeing 737
Seat: 1A (First Class)


Guangzhou airport had recently got a few self-boarding machines. Unfortunately, it was not in use. Hopefully, it will be soon in use.

Upon boarding, I heard Shenzhen Airline’s audio, in three languages, English, Chinese and Cantonese keep repeating over and over. Is actually quite weird that Guangzhou’s Landlord, China Southern don’t have Cantonese Audio onboard.

Economy Class Cabin View

Our flight is operated by a new Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737-800, at first I thought that every Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737-800’s interior looks like this, but for our return leg our flight is operated by a slightly older Shenzhen Airlines aircraft, I will talk about that more on later.
First Class Cabin View

Both Cabins looks pretty odd, with no IFEs or Wifi. US carriers love to install Wifi and IFEs on aircraft. There pretty weird in China why Short-Haul Aircraft don’t have Wifi or IFEs across all classes. Keep in mind that Shenzhen Airlines Widebody is in France currently, it should deliver to Shenzhen Airline by the end of this year.


After sitting down for about five minutes, we were offered pre-departure drinks. Shenzhen Airline prepares ice orange juice for pre-departure drinks, that is pretty nice compared to what you get for flying intra-Business Class.


We have been offered some “Paper-Thin Blankets”. That actually Par with Domestic First in the US.


There is electric seat control to the left of my seat, which is quite simple to use with.


During our pushback we were offered hot towels, I was surprised that they did not offer some cold towels. Given that the fact in Guangzhou that day is above 30 Degree.


Shenzhen Airlines seat is totally industry leading for a Regional Aircraft. This type of seat is very similar to those found on Virgin America Transcon.


Here is an image of how big of recline seat this type of recline seat has.


After pushback. Safety Video has been turned on. Shenzhen Airlines Safety Video is Kids Themed. Shortly after Safety Video, There is another video saying that I am the chief of security onboard.


After Take-off. Crew come with Ipad to show us the menu, Both choices contains Pork. I think Shenzhen Airline has to think about that really.


Approaching Wuxi, Secound Biggest City in Jiangshu.


After Landing, I saw some Military planes, I think that one in the hanger is KJ-2000 or KJ-200. We eventully parked next to a old livere China Eastern A321.