Mobike? 5 Things you should consider!(At least in Singapore)

China Southern Deal, Osaka to Auckland 1790USD! Roundtrip Business Class

For Some reason, China Southern airlines on this route Osaka to Auckland is at a good Price to enjoy.

Here is the best plan carefully selected by Us

To Visit Guangzhou Without a Visa!

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Free Hotel Overnight Rules and Grade: Here

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Base on my Understanding , Passenger who is travel in First or Business can choose Any Hotel Below, I think Pullman is the best since our connecting flight departs in 8:35
To prove that I am not wrong.Sorry for the last post.


You can use the Accrual Calculator:Here(PS: It takes time to load!)

As your see , China Southern and China Eastern has HUGE difference , One earn 200 percent,One earn lower than Premium Economy.






Next Post will Be About Singapore Airlines ARN-AKL