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Hong Kong Airways Special Auckland - Shanghai USD 1.7K Roundtrip Business class

Hong Kong Airways Auckland - Shanghai via Hong Kong for USD 1.7K, I know most people will winning to pay another 64 USD to go for the Non-Stop flight for China Eastern but if you are those who is playing mileage runs and live in Pacific , Hong Kong airways will be a better choose since Fortune Wing Club Program is better than the Skyteam Program because there is not a airline in the pacific is in Skyteam and You can do a lot more things with the Fortune wings , It is like the Alaska Mileage Plan , You can exchange ticket for Etihad and even AirBerlin.

List of Partner for award ticket
Great isn't it? Better than Skyteam.
(Image of Hong Kong airways 330 Business class)
(Image of China Eastern 330 Business class)

The best thing about taking Hong Kong Airways is that they use 1-2-1 solstys seats 100 percent sure about it, But if you take China Eastern you are running the risk of taking Zodiac Aerospace Aura Flat seats since just very few of China Eastern 330 has reverse herringbone seats so if your flight is full,your are Sleeping next to a stranger.

(Image of Hong Kong Airways award sheet)

That will be 10437*2*1.25,Which it is equals to 26092.5, But I think it should be 26093 or 26092 since we can not split a point into two.
Bottom Line
I would choose Hong Kong Airways if I had time since that will give me more miles and a better program and this is a great way to try out Hong Kong Airways AKA Kid of Hainan Airways!