Update: OFO Lost My Loyalty With Reasons

Unbelievable tickets from Vancouver to Bangkok Roundtrip Business class from USD2100(Simple)

What a great day!

Price Headings

Which would you prefer?
I would prefer China Eastern or ANA!

This is not a bad choice also even though it is a little bit of expensive😛,Since AC's 787 use reverse herringbone seats so you will not end up sleeping next to a stranger 😛,I sure your know what I mean and Cathay Pacific and ANA was also a great airline ! This will be time saving since layover was not very long.

I think this is for Skyteam Fans since your Departure place and Arrival place is two Star alliance founder( Air Canada and THAI) and some how ended up taking Skyteam! LOL as always.

If you choose to fly with the cheapest option, You will somehow ended up tired of business class in China and you will required a China Visa! That will not be cheap Unless your are a citizen of China.I already tell you guys that Sichuan airline 330 is not fully flat in Business class so you will imagine how stupid will it be and the total price will be expensive compare to Option two (China Eastern)

Tips:I will make another few post about this topic , So get you tickets fast!!