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KLM Singapore - Depressor Business Class in 10 Pictures

Our Aircraft Darien National Park!
Hello From Denpresser, Yesterday Afternoon I Flew From Singapore to Depressor on KLM 4 Mouth Old Brand New Boeing 777-300ER, Full Report is coming in a Few Weeks of time and Please be Patient!
Boarding Time!
Business Class Cabin

Let Me Start Talking About The Plane, KLM has Six Row of Business Class Spread in 2-2-2 configuration, Five Row in the First Cabin While the Sixth Row  in the Mini-Cabin
Our Seats
We Selected Seat 6H&K, Which I would Never Recommend If Seat 1H&K is Available.The Seat is Comfortable for this Two and Half Hour Flight!
Menu For Today!
Menu Looks Amazing for This Two Hour and Thirty Minutes Flight!
Beef Lasagna

Chicken With Curry Rice

To My Surprise One of the Crew Service Our Section take our order and disappear, 10 Minutes later another Crew Appear with Economy Style trolley and Ask What do We Want to eat then give us Food Immediately, Food is Serve in a Tray.
All Food Taste Good For Both Meals, The Desserts Taste Very Speical And Unique!

Overall Ratings

Lounge: 7/8
Ground Service: 1/8
Seat Comfort: 9/10
Meal Onboard: 10/10
Aircraft Cleanness: 4/10
Cabin Interior: 8/10
Aircraft condition: 9/10
Check-in staff: 1/4
Enjoyment: 10/10
In-Flight Service: 8/10
KLM Website: 9/10
Overall Rating: 76/100

KLM Business Class Bottom Line

While in-flight Service is Great, KLM Should Really Improve Their Ground Service, I am Currently looking Forward to Complaining To KLM. I Know KLM and I trust KLM can do a way Better Job Beyond This!