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Scoot-Biz Quick Flight Review: Singapore - Hong Kong

Aircraft Taking us to Hong Kong
Our Flight to Hong Kong

Scoot 2062
Singapore(SIN) –  Hong Kong(HKG)
Monday, June 26
Depart: 6:05AM
Arrive: 9:35AM
Duration: 3hr30min
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Seat: 1J (Business Class)

As I have mentioned before, I took this flight today morning on the brand new Scoot Dreamliner.

Scoot-Biz On 787-8

Let me start talking about those Scoot-Biz Seats, Scoot-Biz is the Premium product of Scoot, Seats in Scoot Biz have 38inch of pitch, on this 787-8 it had 18 Scoot-biz seats, 13 of them is occupied.
First Row of Scoot Economy
In order to make Scoot more money, Scoot create a Zone Called "Scoot Silence" which is generally a kid's free zone! No kids under the age of 12 are allowed on this seats. These seats are recognized as "Super Seats" Which offer 35-inch of pitch and adjustable headrests.

Scoot Economy Seat Backs

While other seats other than Bulk Heads Seats, Super Seats and Scoot-Biz don't feature adjustable headrests. Normal seats offer 31-inch of pitch.
Window View
We then take off shortly and after the seatbelt sign has turned off. We saw sunrise out of the window.
Chicken Stew with Chestnut and rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Flight Attendants passed out food that we have Pre-ordered, Do note than Scoot-Biz Passenger only gets 1free Meals.
Economy Class After Meal

After I have finished my meal, I walk to the back economy cabin to take some more pictures.
Deplane in Hong Kong

We arrive at Hong Kong at the Right Time and we deplane using the second door, FA also blocks economy passenger to deplane first to give us some sort of Priority.

Overall Ratings

Worth of Price: 8/8
Ground Service: 3/8
Seat Comfort: 9/10
Meal Onboard: 8/10
Aircraft Cleanness: 7/10
Cabin Interior: 10/10
Aircraft condition: 9/10
Check-in staff: 1/4
Enjoyment: 8/10
In-Flight Service: 8/10
Scoot Website: 7/10
Overall Rating: 78/100

Scoot Business Class Bottom Line

We paid for 179 Singapore Dollars Each For this Flight, it totally worth the money, Scoot Should Really think of a way to make Economy seats Wider, When I tried to reach the end, I end up touching other peoples legs.