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Review: Finnair Helsinki Schengen Area Lounge

Taxing in Helsinki
Taxing in Helsinki
Helsinki Jet Bridge
My flight from Helsinki landed at 2:25 PM, taxied for 10 minutes and eventually parked at the gate at 2:40 PM. Due to security and Passport control is lightning quick. We decided to review the lounge. Again, due to time limits. We only take very limited photos.

Finnair Schengen Area Lounge
Helsinki(HEL) , Finland
Tuesday, August 1
Duration of Visit: 20 Minutes
Finnair Logo at Finnair Helsinki Schengen Area Lounge

There is a very grand Finnair Logo behind the check-in desk.
Map of Finnair Helsinki Schengen Area Lounge
Mango Smoothie in Finnair Helsinki Schengen Area Lounge

We arrive at the lounge at about 3:00. The lounge is par with other Europe Schengen Area Lounge but with a little bit leading in drinks. This Lounge even features Mango smoothies, Mint and lemon with water.
Working area at Finnair Helsinki Schengen Area Lounge
This lounge is very Nordicish, given that is "Simple and useful"
Departure Information in Helsinki Airport
There is also departure Information in the lounge which is very useful.

Finnair Airbus 321 taking us to Paris

Finnair Helsinki Schengen Area Lounge Bottom Line

This Lounge is par with other intra-Europe lounges. This lounge also features limited hot dishes such as Meatballs. As Europe Schengen Lounge, you should not expect much.