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Why A350 is better than B787

KLM B787 Business CLass

A350 and B787, The next-generation aircraft that Boeing and Airbus made, both aircraft have a long range, more fuel efficiency. Here are the reasons I prefer A350 over B787.

1: Wider in Seats

B787 was first meant to have only 8 across in Economy, however, Most Airlines now have 9 across in Economy Class. While A350 is designed for 9 and only have 9 seats per row on all airlines in Economy Class.

2: Better Window Designs

B787 have very high - tech windows shades which I have found it is poorly designed. While A350, on the other hand, has traditional window shades which I prefer more.

3: Wider

A350 is wider than B787, airlines can put better products onboard that B787 can not.