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China Southern Expand Boeing 787 for Urumqi Base

China Southern Boeing 787

For Years, China Southern is having their outdated Boeing 757 in Urumqi, China Southern is now planning to replace 757s with 787s. Per routesonline,  Summer 2018, China Southern is going to replace their Saint Petersburg and Taipei flight with their Boeing 787 with the following Schedule below:

Urumqi – Saint Petersburg 03JUN18 – 08OCT18 4 weekly
CZ6035 URC1755 – 1900LED 787 x357
CZ6036 LED2030 – 0700+1URC 787 x357

Urumqi – Taipei  01JUL18 – 11OCT18 2 weekly
CZ639 URC1825 – 2350TPE 787 37
CZ640 TPE0100 – 0730URC 787 14

Hope that China Southern can improve their service and I may try them again.